Within this section of our web site, you can have a good overview of the research conducted at the Collegio Carlo Alberto. The main areas of research focus are Economics, Finance and Public Policy, with most research projects spanning these areas in an interdisciplinary fashion. Indeed, about 70% of the Collegio's scientific production is explicitly meant to contribute to the policy debate (in Italy and in broader arenas). An even higher percentage of output employs investigation tools which are part of the standard language of economics and finance.

A significant number of Collegio scholars work on issues related to household decision making. A number of important economic and social decisions are taken within the context of households, for example marriage and fertility, decisions to enter/exit the labor market or to take/reject a job, financial decisions involving real estate and retirement planning. Understanding the interplay of policy with such decisions is becoming increasingly important in a society, like ours, which faces ever tighter public budgets accompanied by demographic changes related to an ageing workforce on one side and an increase in immigration on the other side.

Another policy aspect, which is increasingly important in the presence of the conditions described above, is the design of institutions that achieve their stated goals in the most efficient manner, and in way which is as much as possible "robust" to the details of their environment. The study of institutional design and its effects, be it at the level of the European Union, of a municipality, or of the family-owned medium-size firm, marks another group of research projects being conducted at the Collegio. As some institutions - e.g., the labor market, the financial markets - relate also to household decision making, it is clear that there is a significant overlap between these two clusters of research projects.

Frontier work like the one sketched above often requires advanced and novel quantitative tools. This is an area where the Collegio excels, thanks also to the Statistics Initiative undertaken jointly with the Fondazione de Castro.

If you are interested in more detailed information, on the left are links to a listing of the most notable publications of the scholars affiliated with the Collegio (or belonging to research networks hosted at the Collegio) and to our working paper series, the "Carlo Alberto Notebooks." You can also see how we promote the production of internationally recognizable research by visiting the pages that describe: 1) our research incentives system to stimulate publication in prestigious international outlets, and 2) our internal Carlo Alberto Research Grant system to fund research projects headed by Collegio scholars.

Finally, the Collegio hosts several research networks, some of which predate the establishment of the Collegio itself, that share its emphasis on interdisciplinary work within Economics, Finance and Public Policy.